S’s Irreverent Tendency

woman wearing black leather jacket black sunglasses with silver spikes
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Irreverent Tendency is probably what this blog should have been named from the start. Not enough of you care though, for this to be considered “irreverent” in any professional sense of the word, and neither do I.

Why then, you might ask, am I writing?

Empty. Fucking. Space.

Empty space in my mind, my heart, that I am trying to fill with some sort of accomplishment or I don’t know at least catharsis.

Empty spaces created by consumer culture, yearning to be filled by our American impulses to buy, eat, shoot, shoot dope, sleep, take meds, go off meds, so that our capitalist marketplace doesn’t die.

Empty space between drinking, being alone, eating drugs, fucking, and sleeping.

Empty space because no one else dares step in to fill it.

Empty space left from childhood trauma.

Empty space because the human condition says so.

Empty space because we can’t live with each other, can’t live without each other.

Empty space because you know what? Fuck that. I choose it. I choose it for now, and for as long as I damn well please. This space is available, and it’s for me to claim it.


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