Tasting your skin between my teeth,

I feel like I’m diving off a balcony.

I’m a nervous wreck.

I’m scared and wet.

Dripping and soaking at the waist

My fingers gripping, unzipping, and feeling with haste.

Please fuck me I mumble, because I cannot wait.

I need to know how you feel and taste.

I’ve waited so long that I’m coming undone.

Your skin is the sun

And I, in its warmth, am going to come

Apart at the seams.

I have to scream.

When you enter me,

I am blinded by you, and you are all that I need.

Now, your skin in October, fading away

Into fall like the summer sun on the first autumn day.

I know what you look like–

Dark hair, dark eyes.

Your smile, warm and bright.

But when I think of how you made me feel,

There is something there that is more real.

Because I cannot see your face.

Looking back,

I think of how my heart raced,

How I couldn’t breathe

Because you wanted me.

Across the distance,

Beneath the sheets,

Alone, on my skin, I can only feel your energy.

I feel something beyond your skin, flesh, and bones

And this is more than enough to let me know

That we are special, we are unique.

We have more than I can speak.

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