Hot kiss

Hot kiss against my cheek like a blissful summer wind, charmed with honeysuckle and dewy grass,

whispers feathery secrets

Along the skin draped across my spine,

pearls of sweat like the ocean’s briney

little bubbles, salty waves caught in gravity

drip, drip, drip

Hot kiss, like steam,

leaving a mark

within my heart

Now heaving blood,

as if a flood

of love

came rushing in

Without an ark, I leap into it

Swept away and I’m grooving through it

Looking back, I can’t see land

but couldn’t we just drown, hand in hand

I’ll say what you’re scared to admit

Not even the ocean can swallow this

It’s way too much, too much at stake

Hot kiss like steam, you leave a mark,

in fact, a burn

Oh, look, there goes my heart…

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