Water as the Primary Principle

Thales https://www.iep.utm.edu/thales/

As I’m thinking about being at the edge of the world as well as teetering the edge of something new, and internal or philosophical, the significance of water consumes me.

I usually turn to fire–volatile, discordant, and tempermental, with regard to the elements.

Fluidity, the rejection of rigidity, is enticing.

Fluidity, kinesthetically. Literally, considering the pace of my movements as they influence others whether it is at work or in a crowded store. Literally, my movements as being fluid against other elements or factors like wind.

Fluidity in consciousness.



I am in between following the guidelines of what I always thought others expect of me, what law expects of me, what social constructs and quiet conformity expect (rigidity) versus what I feel (fluidity).

I am considering water as a source of influence, information, and inspiration in my life. I am curious of its nature and my relationship to it as a mortal, organic being. I understand Thales’ fascination with water.

I’m feeling fluid like the ocean, in constant, purposeful motion. Simple yet unapologetic.

I meet with the soft lavender sands as the sun hangs low above my brow, then sink in, and move with the moon. Kiss your feet.

Turn dark beneath the moonlight, save for a few reactionary reflections, dreams.

Then I greet you in the morning with my emerald eyes.

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