What a terrible burden it must be to schlep around

That baggage in your heart,

The responsibilities you thwart.

Take women from Destin

Have a broad from Detroit

Fuck a bitch in Cali

And leave with your polaroid.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

The creature comforts of your lies

Are what briefly caught my eye.

You were a tourist in a resort town turning everyone’s worlds upside down.

An able fisherman, tugging the line

Closer and closer each time.

Hook, line and sink.

I considered letting you catch me,

And that is the worst thing.

I almost fucked up again.

I’m weak as the next woman.

I am not another story or a notch in your bedpost.

And I will never forget this because I’ll memorialize it with my words.

I enjoyed the moment in its brevity,

And I’ll move through my frailties.

I pray that you do, too.

I’ll be kinder, wiser, quiter.

And I wish the best for you.

May you find your inner child.

May you find love and peace.

May you find joy to give.

Be happy.

But above all, be about something.



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