Cool, steel blades

The calm of the blade, the cool steel blade.

Bring me back to myself.

I believe I love the heat, fire, and this semi-harsh climate because it forces me into humility. There is a tangible goodness about surrendering myself to the heat, to the flames. Forced into subservience, I surrender to my environment so that I may not forget my place on this earth. This is not my earth. I am merely a visitor here. I am, I can only be.

The connection between our hands and the Earth, or at least our surrounding sensory enivornment, is one which we divorce ourselves from more and more each day, with each progression in the technology age.

The feeling of the blade, the cool steel blade across my skin, food, even over my nails as I accidentally slip chopping onions or mushrooms.

The connection between myself, the blade, and things of the earth.

Disconnect me.

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