10 PM


If I’m being honest, the second song is important now more than ever, in harmony and in life, schlepping down a serpentine back road, curling and twirling and using morphine maybe, maybe slowing down to pee and snap a picture with an old oak leaf fresh from death.

Let’s start the story. You’re meant to hear it with the YouTube link, hear LCD Soundsystem doing “All My Friends.”

Patois sounds about.

Everyone is gathered, clusterfucked, by the dish pit. She hears Russian too, the girls.

Chef Gould rips his apron off, leaves it sitting on the stove.

It catches fire by the pilot.

She rolls her eyes, laughs.

She grabs the apron and stomps it, silently throws it out back.

No one else has seen. She stays out back.

He comes out soon after to put his apron in the bin. He’s sweating and  laughing. He brings a Peroni for her.

She smiles, cracks her back by twisting her torso twice. It’s been a long night.

He smiles back.

“Sally Belly,” he says, with the Patois swagger,

“Wa g’wan?”

She hurts, but smiles and says,

“Nothing much, how about you?”

It’s 10 PM

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